Day 82

My last day in Saigon!

Had to pick up my camera from the Canon centre and managed to get away without paying for the repair!

Went and booked my ticket for the bus leaving in the morning. So it’s an early night for me tonight.

Considering buying some glasses as I found a place which would do me my frames and lenses for about $30.

Went to the bank as I need to change some money for Cambodia.

After that I grabbed some food and went back to pack my bag.

Ended up going to the Sheraton around dusk and had a red wine. Went to eat again as I wouldn’t be eating before the journey then got an early night as I’ve got a 06:00 rise.

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Day 81

We arranged to meet for breakfast at 10:30. Over breakfast we decided to go and have a walk about and see what the other market was like as it was more food and clothes based compared to the American Market.

After seeing taking in most of the market we thought why don’t we check out one of Saigon’s water parks.

We got a taxi to Dam Sen Water Park and spent the day larking about down there. The weather wasn’t great ubt all the rides were empty so we burnt through the lot in a few hours.

Starving we headed back to grab some food at 333 Restaurant and then to relax for a few hours until we meet later to try and find a place to watch the football tonight.

It’s Sam’s last night so no doubt we’ll have a few drinks to see him off!

We all met outside met outside Lily’s Bar and had a few there before we all headed back to 333 for some food.

We then hit Lien Bar opposite Lily’s and had a few more rounds before we figured the night was going to be a quiet one as not many people were about.

Tried to stay up to watch Arsenal Vs. Man Utd. But was glad I didn’t in the end as Arse’ lost!

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Day 80

Woke just before Lunch and made the most of the day and caught up with my diary completely.

I napped until about 20:20 and saw that Sammy was still about and had scrapped his flight to Laos! He was meeting around 20:00 outside the Crazy Buffalo so I headed down and met him for some nosh.

He ended up bumping into a group of girls we’d met everywhere from Laos to Hanoi and some guy’s they’d been travelling with.

Nothing was the cards as everyone had been travelling for most of the day and they had plans to see a lot tomorrow.

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Day 79

Today was my first day on own again!

Admittedly I had bumped in to Sammy Boy from Mui Ne the night before so I’d have some company this evening.

To make up for not seeing the opposite side of town I headed that way after breakfast and just went for a wander around there for a few hours. It was the complete opposite to five star hotels and high end retail outlet’s we’d seen yesterday.

I tried to find some shoes as all I’d been was flip flops and would need some shoes for when I’m in Bangkok and Hong Kong etc. What I didn’t figure would be the lack size 10/11’s!

I headed back to the hotel after that and tried uploading some picture’s before going out to eat this evening. I didn’t have much joy, however did get a chance to chat with Carmen who I had not spoken to for two months! Ended up eating around 18:00 and having a few beers at a couple of bars as I hadn’t heard from Sam (facebook not notifying me he’d replied!) and chatted with this massage guy who tried to offer us one for the past two night’s!

Headed home and spoke with Natalia after her horrendously long journey! Then came the message from Samuelle, he was up for a drink at 21:30 and was off the next day so was only going to be out for an hour.

After chatting to Natalia I headed to meet Sam at Go 2 roof terrace. I met a few of the guy’s and girl he’d been knocking about with and got to know them over a sheesha and a few beers.

We decided to get a pizza to share after there and went to the PHD (Pizza Hut Delivery) and tried to persuade them to do us a pizza even though they’ve just closed! No joy. So we headed to the pizza joint over the road from my hotel entrance where Natalia and I ate the other night.

After that we went down to Eden where we met this Australian group of two girl’s and one guy and played them at pool. The set up was shocking. The pool cue head no tip and wasn’t even, diagonally slanting one way and there wasn’t even the right amount of ball’s!

It was the worst game of pool we’d ever seen! Most of the group broke up after that point so me and Sam went for one more at Lily’s Bar and same only went and got the cigar’s in!

We ended up smoking them and then grabbing one more pizza before heading home.

If Sam make’s it up tomorrow to get his flight out of here tomorrow morning I’ll be surprised!

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Day 78

We were due to meet at 12:00 down stairs at the bar we ate at the previous night. Ben couldn’t get hold of Claire so just the three of us headed across town to check out the view.

We got three moto’s over there and headed up through the reception of the plush hotel.

Only problem was the whole place was closed once we reached the floor! The bar wasn’t going to be open until around 17:00! During the first hour they do a cocktail’s happy our where it’s buy one get one free.

Ben decided to take us to the American Market which was nearby and an interesting place as all it sold was ex-military gear and general hardware. It’s the most amount of component’s I’ve ever seen in one place!

We looked around for a good hour at all the obscure thing’s people were trying to sell and then headed back to our hotel’s to chill for an hour before heading back to the Sheraton this evening after we’d eaten.

We went to eat at a street on the way to the Sheraton and found a Pho shop to grab some something quick and cheap. Ben and Claire headed of before us and me and Nati’ caught up maybe 20 minutes later.

The seat’s they had were right on the barrier overlooking the whole of the city! It was a great way to see the city and also understand how much traffic there was. The streets were lined with the lights of mo-ped’s and the noise of their horn’s!

The view of the newly constructed Bitexco Financial tower was stunning as well. It was completely empty so there wasn’t too many lights on but the sight of it was impressive enough.

Tonight was also the last night I’d see with Ben and Claire and also the last time I’d see Natalia as she had to leave for Cambodia tonight as her Visa expired. It was a fitting way to spend our last night in Saigon.

We decided to kill the last few hours having a drink together on the street near our hotel. Natalia was leaving at midnight and Ben and Claire had to be off at 04:00 to beat the traffic out of Saigon so it was a only a few beers before we called it a night.

Walking Natalia to the Travel Agents was strange as we’d spent a lot of time together, well every day of the last month together! It was going to be surreal not having her around and going back to being on my own. I can honestly say I’ll miss her company and banter as it was a pleasure travelling with her. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion!

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Day 77

The following day was the day we wanted to get to the War Remnant’s Museum and see the Vietnam War Photographic Exhibition.

This was a collection taken from the many camera men who travelled from all over the world to capture some of the infamous images most of us have seen throughout our lives.

It was a moving experience and the narrative which accompanied the pictures really brought home what the individuals involved were going through. It’s certainly worth visiting and I was so caught up in taking in all the displays I didn’t even get to finish the final room.

After spending the whole day there me and Nat’ headed to get some grub and potentially meet Fanny for a drink before she headed off. We ended bumping in to her just outside our hotel’s entrance. Whilst Natalia spoke to her I was milling around the shop entrance when I caught someone in my peripheral vision standing there, thinking they wanted to get past I turned and moved only to see it was Ben from Koh Tao!!!

It was a great and a huge surprise to see him! So we went for a beer and something to eat with him and Claire his friend who was going to be riding North to Hanoi on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. We went to a few different street café’s and had a great evening catching up.

We arranged to meet the following morning to see Ben’s Minsk and go to check out the Sheraton hotel as they told us about the fantastic view from the bar on the 23rd floor.

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Day 76

Got early as planned to hit breakfast then the pool, Natalia on the other hand decided to stay in bed!

Had breakfast and just as I was going to leave bumped in to Sam and ended up chatting to him for an hour or so.

Eventually made it to the pool and got 30 minutes in before Natalia wanted to go for lunch.

Got on the bus and had a relatively stress free journey to Saigon and arrived in good time.

Found a hotel within five minutes and the only down side being the Internet didn’t work.

Solved the internet problem so Natalia and I decided to head out to the drinking spots, before grabbing a bite to eat.
Natalia chose the worst restaurant I think I’ve ever eaten at… The food was terrible!

We continued drinking and sat at the main corner at Go bar which is opposite the Crazy Buffalo Bar.

Vietnam had played in the Asian Cup that night and won by a goal to nil and Saigon was buzzing! Everyone was riding around on mo-ped’s, waving flag’s and cheering! The crossroad’s came to a standstill numerous time’s during the night it was quite a sight.

Me and Natalia eventually realised we were getting stung for service charge every time we ordered at Go 2 bar and moved round to Lily’s bar which was slightly off the main strip but cheaper. It wasn’t long before we fancied a dance and headed up to the nightclub on the second floor of Go 2.

We spent the rest of the night dancing away and stayed out until at least 04:00/05:00!

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