Day 3

Went for a swim this morning and met a guy from Japan called Aki who has a girlfriend and daughter in Bangkok. When he’s not in Thailand he’s a ski instructor in Nagano, Japan. He suggested I visit the Grand Palace and a market ten minutes from the hotel called Pratcharat. As well as those suggestions he also said I should use the BTS Skytrain and MRT are a cheaper and more effective way of getting round most of the city.

After that I registered my WordPress account and had a brief chat with Landers online.

Took a walk to find the MRT tube station which is only ten minutes from the hotel, I changed to the Skytrain at Sukhumvit and continued to the MBK centre as Landers reckoned it was worth a look for some nosh and any bits and pieces I needed.

Didn’t think much of it if I’m honest! But only once I’d been to the Siam Centre & Paragon… It’s like comparing Tower Ramparts to Selfridges!

I was only in Siam Centre 15 minutes when I tried to take a photo of the Issey Miyake store and the staff said I couldn’t when a man and two women made a joke of me getting told off! So I started chatting to them about what I was doing and asked them what they were up to. All three were employee’s of Amway, which is a company I have heard of but didn’t know much about. They went on to tell me about how successful it was and how they wanted to sponser me to set up an English branch!?

After hearing what they had to say I thought I’d join them as they were on their way to an Amway convention. Don’t know why I bothered as it was all going to be in Thai but it killed an hour or so and got me a few contacts in Amway! The conference was in the Siam Paragon on the top floor where the cinema is. After I’d met a few of their friends I decided to look around the Paragon which was by far the best of all three shopping centres.

After a wander around I decided to head back to the hotel only to find it was absolutely hammering it down… It wasn’t letting up either so I headed back to the Skytrain as it was sheltered and made my way back to Sukhumvit Road by which time the rain had eased up.

I took this oppourtunity to have a look around, but most people were packing up and the weather had got rid of the rest of the customers.

Strolled past this place called The Aussie Bar and saw it had Aston Villa Vs. Wolves on a thought I’d have a beer and watch the rest of that, looked at the menu and saw it had Crocodile on there! I’ve had Alligator before so thought I’d see what the difference is. There isn’t much from what I can remember!

Having polished that off I ordered another beer when two Aussie women sat next to me and ordered a couple of Stella’s! Having a chuckle to myself this Aussie guy next to me piped up about how badly the beer was being pulled! I told what the Brit’s call Stella (Wife Beater for all my friends who don’t know!) and we had a couple of beers and ended up staying until close!

Glen’s an Engineer for a Gold mine in Australia and is about 37, and only here for the Full Moon party and a short break. His mate had got so rattled the night before he’d  left him to fend for himself and had pretty much written off their friendship!

We managed to find a bar where some girls enticed in with some cheap drinks and a game of pool.

Not satisfied with what we’d drunk already we started looking for a club to go to as most of the bars were shutting up shop.

Eventually found a taxi and headed to a club called Spicy. After heading to the bar we took a stroll around and found two Thai birds dancing around and latched on to them. I was dancing with a girl whose name I think was Bee and spoke very little English. Glen on the other hand was not having as much joy!  I lost him for a bit but bumped in to him about 30 minutes later which, by that point he’d found another bird!

It wasn’t long before he’d decided to leave with her and we exchanged details and I’m going to give him a shout when I land in Australia. He lives in Perth about 1Km from the beach and said I’m more than welcome to crash there!

I ended up having to stay until Bee’s friend had decided what she was doing with her guy she’d found. We ended up leaving sometime after 06:00 and I took her back to my hotel!

All I’m going to say is Thai girls are freaky! I’ve never known a woman to lick a guy’s armpit before!?!? Don’t worry I had a shower first, but what I found even more disturbing was that I’d put roll on after I’d washed and that still didn’t deter her!


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I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for Alfredo pointing me in the direction of Wordpress. Nor would I be travelling if it wasn't for a few friends of mine who inspired me to see what the world has got to offer. I hope you enjoy...
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2 Responses to Day 3

  1. Frodo says:

    hahahaha!! they are armpit licking machines!! next try with the back of the knee quite a sweaty and erogenous area not many know about!! hahahhaha

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