Day 4

Didn’t surface until early afternoon as you can imagine if you read yesterday’s instalment!

Nether the less I cracked on and headed straight for Khao San Road via the Siam Discovery Centre.

Rather than get a Tuk Tuk or taxi I thought I’d jump on the back of a mo-ped as I’d seen a few people using them as a quicker way to get around, not only can they cut half of the waiting in traffic jams out but also it’s a cheaper way to travel. The journey took just over ten minutes and in a taxi you’d be looking at near on 50 Baht, the bike cost 10 Baht!

Best 10 Baht I spent in Bangkok! You’ll see from the video I’ll upload how much more fun it is…

Once in Khao San I decided to grab some nosh and opted for some Pad Thai as I’d still not tried it. It’s amazing! As fresh as it gets and take less than five minutes. No wonder Stringer harps on about it so much!

After getting that down me I strolled round and sussed the place out. Stumbled across a travel agents at the end of Khao San Road called Noi Tour’s and enquired about the PADI diving course on Koh Tao.

Struck a deal at 8300 Baht for accommodation for four night’s, travel there and the diving course. I leave tomorrow night at 19:30 and arrive first thing the next morning ready to start the course.

After that I sat in a bar just in time to watch it chuck it down again, had a few Chang’s and got chatting to the lads who ran the bar. They said if I bought a few beers they’d let me try out the fish pool next door.

The fish pool is a pond in the middle of this bar which you put your feet in and the fish chew off all your dead skin! Of course they had a field day on mine as you couldn’t pick a more abundant source of dead skin.

It tickles but you get used to it and I doubt I’ll see something like that for a long while!

Once I’d finished there I went back to see Tun and his brother’s next door. This is where I met Yasmin and Batel who are both from Israel. It’s there last night in Thailand so they told me all about Phi Phi Island and the place they stayed (Phi Phi House), a tattoo parlour where their friend works and what else they’d been up to. We hung out there for a few beers then went to grab something to eat. Seeing as they were staying on Khao San Road itself I let them choose. They took me to an Israeli restaurant as a lot of Israeli’s go to Thailand. A lot of their food I’d tried before but not in the way the Israeli’s prepare it.

We had some Shaorama which is a kind of kebab but not cooked the way the English are used to, it’s North African in origin but because of where Israel’s situated they get the best of Europe’s, Asia’s and Africa’s food’s. With that we had some sort of tomato based dish, with an egg in it!? (Girl’s you’re going to have to remind me the name of it!)

Once we’d finished there the girls wanted to spend the remaining money they had on gift’s etc.

We ended up drinking until around 03:00 but we decided to call it a night as everyone had got an early start the next day.

Khao San is definitely my favourite part of Bangkok simply because it was a melting pot of lot’s of nationalities but with out the constant pressure applied from the locals.


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I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for Alfredo pointing me in the direction of Wordpress. Nor would I be travelling if it wasn't for a few friends of mine who inspired me to see what the world has got to offer. I hope you enjoy...
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  1. Mum says:

    Sounds like your having fun.

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