Day 76

Got early as planned to hit breakfast then the pool, Natalia on the other hand decided to stay in bed!

Had breakfast and just as I was going to leave bumped in to Sam and ended up chatting to him for an hour or so.

Eventually made it to the pool and got 30 minutes in before Natalia wanted to go for lunch.

Got on the bus and had a relatively stress free journey to Saigon and arrived in good time.

Found a hotel within five minutes and the only down side being the Internet didn’t work.

Solved the internet problem so Natalia and I decided to head out to the drinking spots, before grabbing a bite to eat.
Natalia chose the worst restaurant I think I’ve ever eaten at… The food was terrible!

We continued drinking and sat at the main corner at Go bar which is opposite the Crazy Buffalo Bar.

Vietnam had played in the Asian Cup that night and won by a goal to nil and Saigon was buzzing! Everyone was riding around on mo-ped’s, waving flag’s and cheering! The crossroad’s came to a standstill numerous time’s during the night it was quite a sight.

Me and Natalia eventually realised we were getting stung for service charge every time we ordered at Go 2 bar and moved round to Lily’s bar which was slightly off the main strip but cheaper. It wasn’t long before we fancied a dance and headed up to the nightclub on the second floor of Go 2.

We spent the rest of the night dancing away and stayed out until at least 04:00/05:00!


About octobull

I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for Alfredo pointing me in the direction of Wordpress. Nor would I be travelling if it wasn't for a few friends of mine who inspired me to see what the world has got to offer. I hope you enjoy...
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