Day 78

We were due to meet at 12:00 down stairs at the bar we ate at the previous night. Ben couldn’t get hold of Claire so just the three of us headed across town to check out the view.

We got three moto’s over there and headed up through the reception of the plush hotel.

Only problem was the whole place was closed once we reached the floor! The bar wasn’t going to be open until around 17:00! During the first hour they do a cocktail’s happy our where it’s buy one get one free.

Ben decided to take us to the American Market which was nearby and an interesting place as all it sold was ex-military gear and general hardware. It’s the most amount of component’s I’ve ever seen in one place!

We looked around for a good hour at all the obscure thing’s people were trying to sell and then headed back to our hotel’s to chill for an hour before heading back to the Sheraton this evening after we’d eaten.

We went to eat at a street on the way to the Sheraton and found a Pho shop to grab some something quick and cheap. Ben and Claire headed of before us and me and Nati’ caught up maybe 20 minutes later.

The seat’s they had were right on the barrier overlooking the whole of the city! It was a great way to see the city and also understand how much traffic there was. The streets were lined with the lights of mo-ped’s and the noise of their horn’s!

The view of the newly constructed Bitexco Financial tower was stunning as well. It was completely empty so there wasn’t too many lights on but the sight of it was impressive enough.

Tonight was also the last night I’d see with Ben and Claire and also the last time I’d see Natalia as she had to leave for Cambodia tonight as her Visa expired. It was a fitting way to spend our last night in Saigon.

We decided to kill the last few hours having a drink together on the street near our hotel. Natalia was leaving at midnight and Ben and Claire had to be off at 04:00 to beat the traffic out of Saigon so it was a only a few beers before we called it a night.

Walking Natalia to the Travel Agents was strange as we’d spent a lot of time together, well every day of the last month together! It was going to be surreal not having her around and going back to being on my own. I can honestly say I’ll miss her company and banter as it was a pleasure travelling with her. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion!


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I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for Alfredo pointing me in the direction of Wordpress. Nor would I be travelling if it wasn't for a few friends of mine who inspired me to see what the world has got to offer. I hope you enjoy...
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