Day 81

We arranged to meet for breakfast at 10:30. Over breakfast we decided to go and have a walk about and see what the other market was like as it was more food and clothes based compared to the American Market.

After seeing taking in most of the market we thought why don’t we check out one of Saigon’s water parks.

We got a taxi to Dam Sen Water Park and spent the day larking about down there. The weather wasn’t great ubt all the rides were empty so we burnt through the lot in a few hours.

Starving we headed back to grab some food at 333 Restaurant and then to relax for a few hours until we meet later to try and find a place to watch the football tonight.

It’s Sam’s last night so no doubt we’ll have a few drinks to see him off!

We all met outside met outside Lily’s Bar and had a few there before we all headed back to 333 for some food.

We then hit Lien Bar opposite Lily’s and had a few more rounds before we figured the night was going to be a quiet one as not many people were about.

Tried to stay up to watch Arsenal Vs. Man Utd. But was glad I didn’t in the end as Arse’ lost!


About octobull

I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for Alfredo pointing me in the direction of Wordpress. Nor would I be travelling if it wasn't for a few friends of mine who inspired me to see what the world has got to offer. I hope you enjoy...
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